ProPhotoHD: Blog en-us (C) ProPhotoHD [email protected] (ProPhotoHD) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:32:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:32:00 GMT Batter Up! IMG_9828 The only thing missing from the two games Ive had the privilege to shoot for the West Harrison Boys baseball games has been peanuts and cracker jacks. Two great games ending in 1 run victories and each time going to the home team. Go Canes!

The next time you feel like youre "striking out" with family plans, swing for the fences and go watch one of your local teams. Its a great way to bring your family and community together.  (lame puns included for free)


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Two Games for the Price of One IMG_9302

What an exciting night of basketball. 2 games played at West Harrison for the chance to represent South State in the State championship. 

The first game was between West Jones and McComb. West Jones jumped out to a 12-4 start and it looked like it was going to be a

 runaway. They led the game until the final minutes of the 4th quarter. With 34 seconds left, McComb tied it and then went on to shut down West Jones for the rest of the game to win a squeeker by 4 points. Great Game.

After such a close battle, the crowd was just about to explode when the hometown Canes started their game against Pascagoula. It was an exciting start with both teams swapping baskets for much of the 1st quarter. It seemed no one could


 miss. Unfortunately it wouldnt stay that way and the Canes lost a heart breaker 88-83. Its sad to see the season end like this, but the boys can hold their heads high as they fought valiantly and should be ready for another great year in 2014.


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Playoff Basketball...I love it. IMG_8851-Edit


As this years high school basketball season gets closer and closer to finishing up, its really nice to see the boys at West Harrison putting the finishing touches on a great season.

While West Jones had the bigger team and led at the end of the first quarter, Coach Bazzels game plan of pushing the ball and playing pressure defense wore the Mustangs down. They finished in dominating fashion and won a blowout 96-69. 

The boys believe that 2013 could be their year and Coach Bazzel has them peaking at just the right time. If they can pull of a win on Friday nite, they will reach the State Championship for the first time in the schools history. 

Go Canes!!!



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From Friday Night Lights to Saturday Morning Tikes IMG_3169 What a weekend of great football action starting Friday night in West Harrison. While the defense looked sharp giving up only 6 points to visiting Stone County, that was enough for them to beat our local boys. The offense just couldnt make anything happen and led to a terrible heartbreaker. Score: 6-0

Then, Saturday morning started off a full slate of home games for the Lyman Cowboys. The sun didnt let up till late in the afternoon, but the action on the field was heated all day. The first game ended in triple overtime with a score of 46-47 and the final game of the game went to 4 overtimes with the home team losing an epic battle 1-0. What more could a football fan ask for?

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How Bout' them Cowboys? JG7W0499 On Saturday, Sept. 1st, football season got started in Lyman and boy did it ever start. The sun was hot and the football action even hotter. People filled the bleachers and more to cheer on their local boys and by all accounts good times were had by all. Action will resume this coming Sat. and I look forward to being able to catch as much of the action as possible.


Go Cowboys!!

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