Senior Reps

Are you interested in being a senior rep? Are you wondering what in the world that even is? Below is a FAQ list with hopefully all of the answers you could ever need.


What is a Senior Rep?
A senior rep is someone who is going to promote prophotohd to all of their friends and classmates. Of course we will give you and your friends incentives as well as snazzy pics of yourself. The hope is that once your friends see what we can do, they are going to come to us for their pictures.
What do you get for being a Senior Rep?
  1. A two hour photo session. This will include up to two outfit changes. Bring other accessories as well and we will help you choose what's best. This will be at one location, and we will base that on either a recommendation by us, or a place you choose. (within a reasonable distance from the school)
  2. Two custom edited 5x7 prints
  3. One custom edited 8x7 print
  4. One set of custom edited wallet prints (8 per set)
  5. An online gallery where you can order more prints of the pictures taken in your session.
What's the catch?
There really isn't one. Just like our facebook page and suggest your friends and family do the same. Show your pictures to your friends as usual and then if someone seems interested, give them a rep card. Easy? You aren't expected to discuss pricing or packages with them, just give them the card and let them know how your great your session was.
What are the rules?
  1. You will need to sign a model release so that we can use your pictures in advertising. (We will also need your parents permission if you are under 18)
  2. You will promise to promote us and ONLY us. You cant be a rep for us if you are a rep for another studio. No double dipping please.
How do we pick our Senior Reps?
There are a lot of different factors, but it mostly depends on what segment of students we are trying to appeal to for the year. There isn't anything scientific about our process at all. Please dont be disappointed if you're not picked. We invest a lot of time and money into our senior reps and we are just trying to find the people who we feel can do the most with the time we give. Its nothing personal, its just limited.
Does this sound like fun or what?
If you feel that you would be a great rep for us, and agree to the list above, just feel out the form below and we will contact you once we have made a decision. 




And that's it. I know it seems like a lot when its all written down, but I can assure you its a very easy task. We have limited spaces available, but we try and work with those that we can.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I look forward to hearing back from you.
Thanks again,
John Hughes